Resource Electronics Unveiled!

Resource Electronics Unveiled! 

This is an exciting time for Resource Electronics and our partners.  Please take a look at our website and capabilities and help us share in the industry.  Resource Electronics and our partners are ready to help and serve our OEM’s and MRO customers.

Please view our website: and follow us on our social media sites.  We have made some major changes on our website that you need to view.  Follow Resource Electronics on Twitter @resourcelectro, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  All of our social media sites are listed on our website.  Resource Electronics will be updating these sites with important events that are happening with our company and our manufacturers as they partner with Resource Electronics.  In the future we will also have video broadcasting!  Our sites will be important tools to keep everyone informed.  Feel free to share us with your friends!

We are looking to add manufacturer partners.  Feel free to contact us if you have any interest and we would enjoy to speak with you!

Mark Parker


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