ZaGO Manufacturing “Resource Electronics Featured Product”

ZaGO Manufacturing “Resource Electronics Featured Product”!  Protect Your Products!!

ZaGO Manufacturing is a featured product of Resource Electronics this month!  Sealing products protect your equipment from harsh environments.  ZaGO sealing products are designed to perform under the most severe environmental conditions.  These products provide full protection against exposure to harsh elements such as water, oil, sand, dust, dirt humidity, moisture, precipitation and other contaminants.  ZaGO offers Self-Sealing Screws, Sealing Fasteners & Nuts, Switch Boots, Crystal Switch Seals, Circuit Breakers Boots, Multi-Switch Panel Covers, Toggle Boots, Push Button Boots, Rotary Switch Boots, Sealing Washers and Custom Sealing Solutions.

Typical applications for ZaGO products are Marine, Military, Construction Equipment, On-Off Road Vehicles, Emergency Equipment and Vehicles, ConAg Machinery & Equipment, Test Equipment, Medical Equipment, Automotive and Transportation, Power Tools, Sporting Equipment, Electrical and Electronic panels and Instruments, Renewable Energy and various other applications. 

ZaGO is proud to manufacture its products in the U.S.A. using the best materials available.  Please take time to view ZaGO’s capability catalog link below.  Be sure to follow Resource Electronics on Facebook, Twitter @resourcelectro and LinkedIn for updates on our company, products and services!

ZaGO NASM 82496

To learn more about all of ZaGO’s capabilities please go to



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